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Tuesday - December 11, 2007


Lion Joe George (#47) was absent and our Tail Twister Lion Tony Bari (#10) was the winner of the Tail Twister’s pot on the second drawing. We had no guests and our attendance was 22 Lions present.
Welcome to our new server, Amanda. Eva will be in the kitchen one more week before she moves to Jacksonville, FL. Eva has served our club well for the past 4 years.
Our Auction Project was successful with an income of approximately $7,000. A Big Lions Roar goes to Lion Albert Frankenberger and Nancy for their work on the auction, also Lions Brad Baker and Bill Dickens and other Lions who worked all day Saturday to make the auction a success.
Lion Pat Snodgrass is asking for Salvation Army Bell Ringers to work any day between 8 AM to 10 PM at the Highland Drive WalMart Store. Lion Pat will have a sign-up sheet next Tuesday.
Lion Curt Hodges was our speaker this week. Lion Curt is a veteran journalist and staff writer with the Jonesboro Sun since November 1969. Lion Curt talked about his life and family and work in the news media profession. He spoke about the changes in the newspaper industry since 1969. Also, he noted that the Jonesboro Sun was the first newspaper in the country to implement digital photography.
Next Tuesday our speaker will be Rev. Bruce Tippit, Pastor of the First Baptist Church. This will be an excellent time to invite a visitor or prospective new member. This will also be the last meeting for year 2007 as our next meeting will be January 8, 2008.
There is an excellent story about recruiting new members in the October issue of The Lion magazine Some tips to bringing in New Members are:
You have to ASK someone to be a Lion
Always be willing to tell our story
Explain service to community, nation, world
Be passionate and contagious about Lionism
Don’t be afraid of rejection
Prepare to answer objections
Listen to prospects’ own stories, interests, needs
Keep prospect lists and update frequently
Follow up with initial contacts
Be organized-have applications, brochures and contact information readily available
Look for opportunities to form new clubs
Identify people of influence in communities who are good at making connections with others
Help those in need
Make meetings fun and interesting
Recruit younger members
Develop programs with schools
Allow new members to assume leadership roles
Be hospitable to all, avoid cliques
Keep new members active to RETAIN them
This we need to do in 2008!!!


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